Ragging As We Know It !!

If u r another quintessential Indian student preparing for engineering entrance exams, chances are you might have already given a thought or two on how to face ragging in our institutes (given the media attention it receives nowadays).

So lets give you a lowdown of what goes on under the garb of ragging in our college , ok wait a bit more specific , how MP first years go through in their 1st yr. You write assignments, you dress according to ur seniors whims, you are restricted from the internet (as if the lack of college LAN-Internet in hostels isn’t enough),you run errands for them,call them Sirs (but virtually treat them like “Your Majesty” as if the whole of them are some bunch of leading ambassadors of the 1st world nations)and (it gets weirder from here on),run idiotic races against each other on mornings, follow particular rules as to which roads to avoid in the campus and the icing on the cake get slapped on the face (not ur 7th grader school slaps or ur 11th grader girlfriend slaps) but cool little blows on ur face for ‘disobeying’ those rules.(or even not for that matter !)

The prologue being over lets start the story. Ours is a college which runs under the principle of Its-not-an-iit-because-of-ragging….and its actually run that way. Seniors can actually be suspended for getting caught talking to juniors and the technicalities go on and on.Now u can do the math , think of wat levels MP juniors go just to get slapped and when u think dat MP is actually one of the more competitive states of India, how illogical does dat seem ? Its like Gladiator style Roman slavery only difference being the Romans are not even petty peons let alone emperors.

Lets get down to the diverse reasons these intellectuals present us with. Some act like they read ragging to be one of the fundamental rights bestowed by the constitution in their 9th standard civics. Some seem to be unaware of the very fact that they are being ragged while still others actually call it fun. (Getting slapped? Fun? Who the hell came up with that  logic ?) Lets get down to the even more entertaining reasons the sebiors (who learnt it from deir seniors and is just passing them on)give to the juniors for that matter. They say getting slapped is a tradition. Good .Too good. Traditions ??!! Where did these tribals come from ?? What next ? ya ? Ragging plays an important role in your final year placements.How sick is that reasoning? or rather how sick are the people believing in that reasoning ?!! Google and Goldman Sachs are going to hire you based on how you endured your seniors evaluate you . Like they have a serious shortage of people to actually interview you


16 thoughts on “Ragging As We Know It !!

  1. well srinjoy, to be frank let me ask you one question, did you give ragging, who told you how the process of ragging went on, and who the hell are you to decide what’s wrong and what’s not, if you are having so much information regarding ragging in various colleges, then you are seriously in lack of knowledge, coz we know a hell lot of colleges where ragging is more cruel(and way more weird) than ours; we will come back to you shortly again, and for the time being, one serious advice, avoid nosing in our matters or we will break it for you……..


  2. omg…..dat srsly ws fun…!! yeah ppl rag so that srinjoy das can write abt it…n we can laff!!! sensible reason enuff???!! lol
    srsly….i wish i cud give this on da face at dgp!!


  3. See that guy with the first comment is

    1.Another jackass from MP who could not “boycott” ragging
    2.Scared shit that juniors from MP might boycott
    3.Loves to stay anonymous – so might as well be some jobless geek.


  4. Hey im frm nit, wrngl and i completely agree vth u on ragging…its a bullshit concept and is inhuman as per me (legally too violates international human rights law)..ragging in ne form starts vth the concept of degrading jnrs, vth snrs thinking they r the kings of the world..and whn they start njoying pwr, tragic things may happen in adrenaline rush..ragging encourages sadistic and animal instincts in humans..decent ppl cant njoy whn forcing othrs in2 submission..
    and its a complete myth – that it makes jnrs bold. bullshit!! it teaches2 be mute and accept unjustified punishments and kills their resistance..the only way2 stop all this nonsense is to eliminate it completely..whr can ne1 draw the limit? the concept itself is bullshit and needs2 be abolished.. and if u r in 1st year, hope u wont start raggin whn u get2 ur 2nd yr…gud luck2 u


    1. Good to know, engg’ers agree with me.

      Though (purely from hearsay), ragging is far more serious in NIT W than what goes on in here.

      What appalls me more than anything else is ,despite the media glare in recent years, how engineers try to keep the intricacies of ragging as discrete as possible yet at the same time glorifying it,as if something sacred.

      Maybe its kept a secret for a very good reason, beacuse it’s illegal


  5. pretty late that i came across this blog but hey wat i wud say s..first yrs cant think anything beyond “ragging s bullshit”. but im sure ur first wudn have been any fun without them..in fact the first yr experience are the most fun filled ones which i will never forget now 🙂 hope its the same for u 🙂


  6. I am able to get any NIT I want for mechanical based on the 2013 JEE Mains. I’m deciding between Trichy and Surathkal. How is the situation of hostel facilities and mess food at these places? What is the current scenario on ragging at these places (what happens to guys who refuse to do what seniors demand and what do they make you do)? I like hygiene, am a simple guy and am slightly sensitive but academically (& competition/extra curriculars wise) very inclined. What would you suggest?


  7. Maybe 30 years out of date , but much of the same prevailed then too. It is unfortunate that the perversities of a few is allowed to prevail despite the fact that the great majority abhor this animal behaviour. The “silent” majority…more appropriately the “cowardly many” unfortunately think it is just not the done thing to stop these normally big mouth (very often little ) vermin with huge ego deficits.


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